Life is a funny thing. You have happiness, anger, sadness, and fear. I am not one to usually talk about feeling or even showing them.  Everyone wishes to have happiness but no one can tell you how to achieve such a desire. Anger and sadness goes hand to hand and is easily hit. Fear is a completely different concept. Fear is an emotion that no person can fathom. Fear can hit at any time. Anywhere from walking home in the dark, when a storm comes, or when bad news happens. Fear can not be controlled like these other emotion, you can not hide from this. 

     My biggest fear is to lose the people I love. My family, friends, and my girlfriend means the world to me.  Sometimes feel I do not show enough appreciation to the people close to me, even though I do my best, my best isn’t enough. That fear is so deep inside of me that I will lose multiple hours of sleep dreading the thought. It will start with just a “what if “thought, and of course I will do my best to throw it out. After a few minutes of a thoughtless mind, the thought will come back, but even stronger. I try to reason with it, even figh the thought, but it always wins. There is no way around it. After a few hours I will fade away to sleep.

     You can fight fears for years and never surpass them. I have hid fears just by ignoring them but after time that fear will come back, might not be that day or even a week, but somewhere dow the line it will come back. Being afraid of spiders is a physical type of fear, being afraid of losing someone is a mental fear. You can face a spider when you need to but facing the fact that you will lose someone is overpowering and is not an option.

     Just remember this, you can spend 70 years with a person or 5 minuets, always let that person know or all the people you care for know how you feel, it could always be the last.

     Musically yours,


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