Life update

I have been going non stop the past couple weeks and to be honest, I’ve lost all motivation to write. I love the feeling of writing, the feeling of just letting my mind run while my fingers are trying to keep up, but sometimes I just can’t. Sometimes I can’t find the motivation to do the simplest thing such as gettting dressed and drive down the road to buy food, or to get off the couch to get a water. We all have been in a slump and feel like we can not get out of it, but I am here to tell you that you can. Your mind set is the only thing holding you back and that mindset can ruin your life.

First step to getting your mindset right is to get off your phone. Anyone who knows me knows that I love my electronic devices and I used to spend much of my time on it. If I wasn’t playing on facebook or clash of clans, I was on my PlayStation. I would play till three in the morning every night. I realized that I was consuming all my time on these devices instead of spending times with my friends or my beautiful girlfriend. Since I have been limiting myself of these activities I have seen a great improvement on my life. I have picked up playing music, spending quality time with my girlfriend, and also have had more time to clear my head.

Second step is to find ways to entertain yourself with out these electronic devices. I am a musician so I go to playing music with this extra time. If you don’t know how to play pick something up, guitar center is doing a sale and you can buy and cheap Yamaha guitar for $149, I almost bought one. Learning to play a guitar, piano, or drums is a wonderful way to take up most of your time and to strengthen your mind. If still not your cup of tea you can practice writing, singing, drawing, work out, go out with a friend, or just meditate.

Step one is the hardest task to do. I would recommend limiting it slowly or if you are dicplined, go cold turkey. If you want to play on your phone set a timer, all phones have them now, for ten minutes. That ten minutes will fly by but if you shut it off, after a couple days, you won’t even be tempted to use it. I am going to talk about step three.

Step three is very important and probably the easiest for some and scary for others. Step three is meditating. Not the meditating like you see the monks do where you sit for days Indian style and humming, but right as you fall asleep. As you are winding down for the day, instead of watching tv till you fall asleep,  shut the tv off, shut the door, and turn of the lights. Some people are scared of silence since they are not used to it and are afraid of their thoughts. Only thing I can say about that is, embrace it. I lay down just like I would if I was about to go to sleep and I lay a shirt over my eyes or use an eye mask. Listen to your heartbeat and take deep breaths. After a minute or so you will feel some relaxation, at this point try to imagine your thoughts as text floating the black sky. Once you see a negative thought imagine taking that text and throwing it away. Visualize it happening. If a positive thought pops up, cherish it, ponder on it and feel how your mood raises. Doing this fifteen or twenty minutes a day can change your outlook on life and show you all the positive stuff in your life.

These three steps are not pulled from the internet but are from my personal life. Step one is still a challenge for me but step three has made me think differently. I now go to sleep with happy thoughts, mostly thoughts of my girlfriend, and wake up in the morning ready to embrace the day. I get the motivation to get up and do the stuff I enjoy most, and want you to do the same. I hope these three steps will help you make a difference in your life but if it doesn’t, don’t be afraid to ask me for more advice, I would love to help. I wish everyone a good night and hope to see you all soon.

Musically Yours,


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