New Years fun

      I wish everyone a Happy New Years and a fun adventurous night. With that being said I also want you to be safe. I want everyone to keep a couple things in mind. If you have been drinking don’t be stupid and try driving, call a taxi or even hit up uber. Paying 20 bucks to arrive home safe is a lot better than losing your licenses and possibly putting some in the hospital or even worse in the morgue.  Im not saying not to drink or even have fun, just be smart about your decisions. 

     Imagine that on the first you receive a call from the hospital and got told your mother had been hit by a drink driving or your brother was ran off the road by an idiot who was drinking? Just imagine the pain that the person is going to go through. The years of pain just because you were to dumb to call a taxi. $20 or possibly killing someone and losing your license. Make the responsible choice. Please don’t drink and drive, I don’t think anyone needs to go through an event like that. 

     For the people who will ignore this post or the people who think they are fine to drive while being tipsy, atleast be safe. I know many people will still try to drive and if you do, take back roads, drive slow, and just remember, you hit someone that is on you, and you deserve to go through that pain hat the other person must go through. For everyone else have a fun night, party hard, and watch out for other drivers. 

      Musically yours, 

       Shelden Walker

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