Penny for thoughts

     This will be a little rant/why blog, I am just confused on why people act how they do. With my job I mess with some pretty bad people, but I also put up with good citizens. I’ve seen people help old ladies who can barely walk all the way to people half dead from over dosing on pills and air duster. The one type of people I have issues with are the ones who interfere with shoplifters. 

     Here is one story, had a female that was grabbing merchandise off of a shelf and loading it all into a tote. The female closed the tote and hid all the merchandise. Customer saw that she was being followed so he stopped, pointed at me and my supervisor, and left. Female ditches her cart, starts cussing us out, and tells us that we are harassing her. At this point who can be more mad at? The female or the customer who ratted us out? The customer knew who we were, as he was walking away he was smiling and waving at me. 

     Story number two. 

Had a guy stealing some merchandise, when my partner and I approached him a customer was walking in the door.  We were holding the shoplifter back. The customer that just entered the store starts yelling at us, yelling swear words, and telling the guy to fight us. Okay, I get it, we were doing our job, just make it more challenging for us. Actually I don’t get it, what has happened to that customer that makes him want to help a shoplifter/stranger that he has never met, fight security officers? It just blows my mind. 

     If anyone could explain why people want to break laws or why they feel like the should aid in helping people. I have not once met a citizen who has actually help out security officers that needed help. They turn their cheek and pretend that nothing has happened. I know you shouldn’t put life in danger for others, but looking away or helping the criminal out is just wrong. 

Rant over

        Musically Yours,

        Shelden walker



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