How To Solve The Biggest Problems With a Hammer

Everyone has those days, where everything goes wrong. You know the days when you just wake up an hour late because you didn’t charge your phone or that your neighbor took your Sunday newspaper, but I have a solution to all of your problems, it is called a hammer.

Let’s start with the first issue, the phone that did not charge. Go to any shop that sells general merchandise, and look for a hammer, Walmart has them for sale for about $3, go back to your home, lay down a towel, place the phone on the towel, and ready for this? Grip onto the bottom of the hammer (the side that doesn’t have metal on it) swing toward the phone like your life depends on it. Boom, after you do this, your phone will not have to be charged, problem solved.

Say that your phone actually works for you in the morning and you have woken up on time, cool. You start to get your coffee made, put on your slippers and walk to your front porch. You stretch, wave at your neighbors, who were walking into their house, and look down to get your weekly paper. Guess what, it’s gone. Anger arising in you, you want to scream and shout at your neighbors, but you don’t. All you do is go back to your house and finish your coffee. I have a solution to your thieving neighbors.               It’s a good one. Go inside of your house, grab a piece of paper and write just a few words, something like this, “You got my paper, I got your tire”. Grab your trusty hammer, walk very stealthy to your neighbor’s car, and place the hammer on the ground. Here is the tricky part, adjust the hammer with the sharp end up and the handle right along the middle of the tire. Oh and the note, make sure the note is under the hammer so when they look to see what that pop was they will see the note and take the hint.   This tactic won’t always work, but guess what, I haven’t had my newspaper stolen in over six months, yay me.

I just wanted to show you how easy it is to fix problems with a hammer. There is always a different way to fix your problems but I want to say that a hammer is, or will be the best solutions to your problems. I am not responsible for any damage that can occur while using a hammer and that the responsibility is in your choices on what you are doing. Thank you, everyone, and if you have a question on how to solve another problem just leave it in the comment section and I will help you out the best that I can.

Musically Yours,                                                                                                                                                      Shelden Walker

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