Blogging Starter Kit

Hello everyone, today I want to talk about how to get yourself into writing. I am very bad about procrastination and lose interest in stuff all the time, but one thing that I am going strong on is keeping on my blogging. I know, I know, you go onto my WordPress and you might be like, “hey. he only has six blogs on his post.” That is true I haven’t been doing this long and/or might not be that good at it, but I have eleven blog post that I have been working on, but if you are serious about blogging or even want to make some extra money I will give you a couple good ways to start and hopefully it will help.

WordPress is great to start your blog, it has made it very simple for me to start writing and is very cheap (or free if don’t want the extras). It takes less than ten minutes to get signed up and your website up, I mean you will have your site as,, a little hard to remember for people, but once you get confident that this is something that you will enjoy, you can pay very little to get your own personal domain and get those advertising off of your page. So if you have a couple blogs or opinions you want to get off of your chest, WordPress is where to start. It also has a reader on the website so if you are running low on ideas or want to see how to blog, it gives you great suggestions off of what you enjoy and lets your read other people’s comments and see what other people are into. You can also share your blog on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Tumblr, etc, so wants your made a blog and think you are reading you can share it instantly.

Picking the right environment to write at and the right time to get your mojo going. Walk through your house, your garage, your work, or even your yard, and find a spot that you don’t use for anything and pick that as your daily/weekly blog place. I am still trying to find my perfect place to write, so I am experimenting all throughout my house. If you pick that one location that you don’t use for anything else except for blogging, everytime you go to sit down and write you have trained your mind to only think about writing and not watch TV or play on your phone. After you have found the right environment to write in, put some music on in the background. If you put music with no lyrics and only instruments you can keep your mind active on what you are doing and actually helps you stay on track.

Finding the right equipment to write with. I started my WordPress with my phone, wrote my first blog or two with it, and realized that it was very difficult to type as quick as my mind was working and also had a lot more errors on my blog then I would if I typed. You don’t have to break your bank on a new laptop or desktop to get the best writing experience. I recently made the decision that if I wanted to make writing my future that I would new to invest into this hobby. I shopped many locations and read thousands of reviews and I found that I didn’t need a new windows computer or a fancy Mac computer. I was something that was cheap and that would work well with writing, and I had finally made my decision. I purchased the HP Chromebook 11. So far I have been able to surf the web, write on my blog/docs, listen to music, watch youtube, off and on for 24 hours, and my Chromebook is at 55%. I have put approx. 5-6 hours already on my Chromebook and it is still charged and ready to go. I did a speed test on it which consisted of having it closed, (sleep mode) open it, sign in with a password, search a website through google, and click on the page I wanted. The total time that it took to do that was approx. 21 seconds, would have been quicker but I misspelled the website I was looking for, so If you are looking for a long battery life and quick start up time, look into a Chromebook. So far this is the best investment I have made for my writing.

Okay, so for my closure I just want to do a quick run down. First, use WordPress as your main blogger and if you want to get it out on more sites use Blogger as well. Second, find a place to write and use music with no lyrics on it. Third, look into a Chromebook. If you follow the three steps I give you it will help you get started on your writing career/hobby today. If you google other “how to” guides on google they will help you finding your audience and how to make your blog POP. I haven’t quite found my audience but that is because I don’t know if I want to write “how to” guides, articles about news, or just to voice my own opinions out, but I have faith that if you want to do this then you will succeed. I will throw in one last step, this is the most important one of all, and that is to find support. Tell your friends or family what you are trying to achieve and ask them for support and advice on what they think will help you. When I told my girlfriend what I wanted to do, she was excited which led to me being excited for it as well. So just ask for support and if you don’t feel like you have any, email me and I will help you through it! So happy blogging and wish all of you the best of luck!


Musically Yours,                                                                                                                                                  Shelden Walker

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