Daily Prompt about vivid

This is my first time doing a daily post, and I wanted to choose Vivid. I will be writing about Vivid dreams and a quick guide on how to get into a vivid or lucid dream.

There are many ways on how to get into a lucid/vivid dream but I am going to focus on the meditation part of it. If you have ever woke up in the morning and remembered your dream and thought it was the coolest thing you have ever experienced and haven’t had one since, this will help you get to that state.

Step one: prepare yourself to dream. What I mean by that is stretch before you go to bed, do some basic pre-exercise stretches like the wrists, legs, and arms. One of the tensest part of the body is the jaw, so before you go to bed massage your jaw as much as you can.

Step two: find a location where it is quiet and can’t be bothered. If you have animals that you let sleep on the bed with you, you might have to lock them out for a night to not be bothered. Make sure there are no sounds that can be a distraction to you (that includes your phone).

Step three: Meditate. If you have never meditated it is not too difficult for the most part. Perfecting meditation is something you can not achieve in a night or even a week so if you can’t fully relax it is okay, just do your best. When you lay down lay flat on your back with your legs straight, arms to the side, and head facing up, or you can even lay like you would when you go to sleep. Put an eye mask on or something light to cover any light that could possibly be in the room, exhale at a calm rate and count every breath that you take. Focus on your breath and feel the tension release every time that you exhale. Once you get to One Hundred start counting backward.

Step four: getting to sleep paralysis. After some time, if you don’t actually fall asleep, you will start to feel some “funny” feeling. This could include swaying, tingling, energy building, and/or heavier chest. Good news, your are close to getting to the fun part. Once you start feeling these feelings don’t quit and don’t change your thought, just keep on breathing and counting your breaths. These “funny” feelings can get very, very intense, but just remember, if you fight through this you are on your way. The reason you get these feelings is that your body is sending signals to your mind asking if you are asleep and if you respond to these signals your body will try to wake back up. So if you fight through these feeling they will stop and it will get harder to breathe, don’t panic! That’s good. Means you have just achieved Sleep Paralysis!

Step five: The hard part: Making it to this part is the easy part, “surviving” this part is the more challenging part of the process and causes many people to fail. Once you achieve sleep paralysis you can no longer move your body but you can open your eyes and are still fully conscious. Your mind knows that your body is asleep and will hit the paranoid stage. What I mean by this is that those sounds that are in your room like a clock clicking could now sound like gun shots, this happens because your body is freaking out and over compensating your senses. You may also see “spooky” stuff. You will most likely hallucinate your first few times or even everytime this happens and it can be very terrifying, including seeing dead people looking over you, eyes in the corner of the room, or ghost flying across your room. It’s okay, this is normal!

Step Six: Lucis/Vivid Dream. This will go on for approx one to two minutes but may feel like it last forever but you will make it through it.  Just focus on getting up. Don’t try standing, just imagine getting up. Keep telling yourself I am standing up, I am standing up, I am standing up. If may work or it might not. Some people experience falling through the bed and others will pop up where they said they were. At this point you have now entered the world of Lucid/Vivid dreaming. Congratulations!

I want to end this post with just stating a few things. This was a quick guide and was not in great detail so if you have any questions I will do my best to answer them and/or point you in the right direction. This will not always work, not everyone can enter Vivid dreams with this technique, there are many other ways to do it and I will try posting other options for you.  One last thing, don’t give up and remember that nothing is real when you are in sleep paralysis and that you can not be hurt by the images that you see.

I hope that this post has helped some of you or made it a little easier to experience a Vivid dream

Musically yours,                                                                                                                                                   Shelden Walker

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