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Hello everyone, I want to write a post showing more about me and where I came from. I am Shelden Walker from Ava, MO. I am 22 at this time and work at Wal-mart. Throughout my high school I was a music junky, I played percussion in band and was a bass in my two choirs. I played football and track, performed in a musical and play, and was in the high school band and Jazz band. I loved to be a part of music.

After high school, I was chosen to march with the Racine Scouts Drum Corps and traveled to a lot of different states and met a lot of different people. I got to perform in the World Championship with DCI and was one of the finalists, which was a huge accomplishment in my life.

After DCI I moved back in with my parents for a couple of months. I went searching for a job in Springfield. I applied for three jobs, Wal-Mart, Bass Pro, and some flower shop. I received the call for the interview for Wal-mart a few days later and got the job. The same day I got the job was the day I got the key for my very first apartment. I didn’t live in the best location in Springfield and definitely did not live as comfortably as I wanted to. The first six months was some of the best time in my life, I met a lot of people and became friends with a lot of them, and that is also where I met my wonderful girlfriend. After six months working at Wal-mart, I applied for a different branch with Wal-mart and joined the Loss Prevention side of the job, which was a decent promotion. Loving this new job and wanted to live a little closer to where I work, so I settled down and a studio, it was really nice.

I started to feel really confident in my job field and decided I needed to try promoting up the ladder. I tried for multiple stores as the Loss Prevention Manager and only received one call back and one interview. I did not receive the job, broke my spirits a little, but I didn’t give up. I decided at this time that I would need to transfer to a higher theft store to show what I am made of. I have ran into multiple complications with the new location but it has not fully broken me down. I have worked hard and have done everything that I can to promote.

As of right now, this is where I am at in my life. I haven’t quit playing music, I am still with my wonderful girlfriend, and I am still working at Wal-mart. I just wanted to write a post to show what I have done and hope to give you a little bit more insight on what type of person I am. I have started this blog to show what I have done in my life and show that anyone can make a life for themselves. So I am going to close this blog out and call it a night. You guys have a wonderful day/night and hope that you enjoyed my extended bio.


Musically Yours,                                                                                                                                                  Shelden Walker

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