Push Through

This will be a short post, I have been having a rough time at work lately so I haven’t really written anything for a while. I am just going to force myself through this situation and make a post. I have realized that my biggest issue with writing is the motivation to do so. I do not find it difficult to type or find it unpleasant to, I just go through phases that can go on for weeks to make me feel like not typing. This is one thing that I do not wish to give up, not this time.

I say not this time because I have started many projects or hobbies in my life but usually, end up quitting it and only doing it once in a blue moon. Music is an example. I was a huge music nerd, I played multiple instruments and sung in multiple choirs, and I felt like a got pretty advanced in that genre of my life, if want to know more about that time of my life I have a post, “more of me” that will go more into detail. Once I hit a certain point I felt like I didn’t need to pursue it as much. Recently I hit a point in my life where I feel like I need to go back into music. I’ve been playing, practicing, and attempting to record music again but I have lost so much skill from my lack of playing that it is beating me down, but guess what, I am trying to push through.

So even though I am not writing on a perfect schedule, I will try to better myself, push through this mind block, and type whatever I can to get my thoughts out. I would love to hear some of your issues and how it affects you and I can do my best to help you fight them. If you want to know how to do something I will go online, do the research, and post on how to do it. Thank you everyone for reading and thanks for sticking in there with me while I grow in this new part of my life.

Musically Yours,                                                                                                                                                      Shelden Walker

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