Enjoying your day off

There are many great things about having a day off. One, being away from work. We all know that work can be unbearable (some actually enjoy it), but some times we bring work into our days off. I will be making a list of things to do on your day off to make sure you get what you need, a good day off.

One of the first things I want to go over is, not wasting your day away by watching TV. I do not know how many times I will wake up, sit/lay on the couch and turn on Netflix. Don’t get me wrong, it is relaxing and enjoyable, but before you know it, it’s now past noon and you just watched 10 episodes of a show that you have already watched. Well there goes three hours of your day. My tip, don’t turn on the TV, keep it off, If it’s a nice day, open the windows and pour yourself a fresh brewed coffee. Take the first thirty minutes of your day and soak in the nice aroma of the air, the quietness of the morning, the calm of the start of your day.

Now that you have started your day with a nice cup of coffee and taken in that fresh air, you can start your day with more confidence, that you will enjoy it. If you enjoy going going outside go to a local park. Here is the tip everyone thinks they can not do, leave your phone on silent or leave it at home. You will survive going thirty minutes to an hour without it, I promise. Since we just got out of winter and we shut ourselves in for multiple months you can now enjoy the sun on your skin and watch wildlife explore the area. The reason I state that you should leave your phone off or away from you is, you will just play on your phone, text people back and forth, or get work related calls (and no one needs to think about work when they are off).

Lets say you don’t like to go outside (your decision, not mine), find a hobby you do enjoy. I have issues with this. I am a big fan of playing music, been a musician for most of my life, but I feel that when I start to play it takes to much brian power to do it. Yes I do enjoy playing but I also want to do mind numbing activies like play games and watch TV. Force yourself to do that hobby you enjoy, might take a minute, but before you know it your gonna be enjoying it. I know, I know, watching TV is a “hobby” some people will say, but I disagree. I look at a hobby as something that sharpens your mind or gives you skills.

If you have two days off in a row, I recommend making the first day your “work” day and second day your “relax” day. What I mean by work day is make you first day off where you do all the chores you pushed to the weekend. If you do it all on one day, yes your day has been wasted to “work” stuff but guess what, tomorrow you have nothing to do. If you have to mow the yard do it on your Saturday, need to do the dishes/laundry, boom done first day. If you do it on your saturday, you do not have to worry about setting your alarm extra early so you can get everything done. I don’t know about you, but when I finish multiple projects in one day, I feel like a very accomplished man.

Long story short, you only live once. Do stuff you want to do and don’t waste your life watching tv or playing on your phone. GO out and DO something that you love or want to try. If you want to learn to play a guitar, go to a local music shop and test them out. You want to learn to go fish, post on facebook, one of your friends will take you. Don’t waste your life away doing nothing, do something.

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