Day one of a better me

Hello all, I will be trying to keep up with a new health style blog. I am starting a new adventure tomorrow. Maybe if you know me I have attempted multiple things in the past to get a blog, vlog, YouTube videos, health kicks, and many other attempts to get myself more productive.

This one is different. I feel different about this and I hope that you guys will keep me in check.

As it has been I have a horrible sleep schedule, diet, and no real motivation to do stuff. Today is the last day with that life style. Starting tomorrow, May 30th, I will be starting my day off at 0700 with a nice long cold shower. EVERY MORNING.

No excuses, no reasons to not do it, just me being mentally tough. I started a new podcast “Jocko and Echo”, and in the first episode of their podcast I knew I needed to start changing how I live. No more being mentally weak, no more reasons to being lazy, I want to be a better ME.

So I hope you guys enjoy following along with this new adventure and to see how just starting the day with no hesitation and not being mentally weak will make me feel and act like a new person.

See you soon,


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