Official first day.

Well, day one started, 47 minutes later then I expected. I did not turn on the alarm before I fell asleep but I feel as though with the motivation going into this, I woke up without in at a decent time.

The cold shower, the worse part of the day, most challenging, let’s just say, minute 2-3 hit and I could no longer stand it. The moment I stepped into that shower, felt like ice stabbing my skin, my breathe became very shallow, instantly thought, “why did I decide to do this.” To be a better me. I fought it as long as I could, today was only 2-3 minutes, tomorrow will be 3-4, and so on.

Some would call this morning a fail, I call it a win. Even though I woke up later then I expected, I still got up, made no excuse of, I’ll just try tomorrow. I still got In that cold water, even if just for 2-3 minutes, I still did it. You don’t have to be perfect the first time, as long as you take the right steps in the direction you want to go.

First day of the gym today, real workout. I hit shoulders and back. I ended the workout with a half mile run.

That’s not to impressive but it’s a good start, maybe tomorrow I will run .6 of a mile. I changed my workouts from previous ones where I did higher reps and little bit lower weight. I wanted to feel the burn. Here is my first photo of the transformation process.

Now on to mowing the yard and getting ready for work.

Update: it’s 1218 and my steam is wearing off. Not sure if it’s the early morning with the work out and mowing or if it is my no coffee so far, but I am “ready” to start the day. Mentally I am fully here and ready, physically my body is shot.

I will be publishing this as of right now but I will be updating it through out the day, so come back and check it out, and see how the day is going. I want to show you that anybody can go and make these simple changes and better their life, even if it is very very difficult.

1304, broke and got my first and last coffee. This will be the real challenge, I drink anywhere from 3-8 cups of coffee a day. This cup of coffee feels like an angel just gave me a new taste of life. The warm coffee just gliding down is wonderful.

Work day has started well, oh and it’s a Monday. I walked into this store ready to own the day as a new me.


Steam is completely gone. I have drank two cups of coffee, which is in my acceptable level. I have been very very productive today even though I feel tired. The day is going by fairly quick as well. Lunch is around the corner and I am going to have the flatizza from subway, loaded with veggies too. That’s all of an update I have for you at the moment, thanks for checking back in.


Day is coming to an end. Work is over, and will be going to bed in about an hour. Today was difficult, not as difficult as I thought it would be. My mental state of mind started to fall around 2100 but still pretty high. Each task at work that was handed my way was easy to take on. The reason I say that is because I knew it’d be easier to do the project then it would be to wake up and jump into a cold shower.

I hope you all enjoyed my first day of my new daily habit and hope that it shows that it’s not to far out of your reach to do so.

There is no exercise to make you mentally strong, you just have to be mentally strong.

With that being said, goodnight and see you in the morning.

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