Day two

0910 5-31

Well guys, waking up early is harder then I thought. I overslept an hour and a half! Only reason I woke up is because my wonderful fiancé called me. Rolling out of bed was such a chore, I did a back and shoulder work out yesterday and it feels like I got hit with a bus.

Now let’s talk about this shower I took. I don’t think I’ve EVER had to force myself to something as hard as I had to force this to happen. I sounded like a warrior sprinting into a army knowing I’m not walking out. I was Ike AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Jumped in that cold water and thought I was going to die. Remember how I said I was gonna make it 3-4 minutes? Well I took a step back and only last 2, barely 2. Even in the shower I was still pretty much yelling in agony, but hey, I still made myself do it. I remember in the past doing this and I don’t remember it being this difficult, but I still have to do it, because I know if I can make myself do it every morning the smaller things in life will seem nonexistent and the larger things being small.

I am going to pack up, get ready for the gym, and will keep you updated.


I feel defeated. I pushed through all my workouts as the best I could. I did legs and abs. I workout at planet fitness, even though there is no free weights besides dumbbells you can still get a nice workout in. I pushed until I couldn’t push anymore. I ended up on the ground out of breath, just doing legs and abs.

This is the look of how am I still going, why am I still going , what keeps me going is to improve myself physically and mentally. Here is my run for today. I hit the .6 mile but I had to walk a few times. Just because I had to walk does not mean I failed. I forced myself to run after thirty seconds of walking. The time was a lot slower then it was yesterday but that’s okay, I’m still pushing through.

I have yet have a cup of coffee but I have drank so much water I’m pretty sure I gained a few pounds. Ha. I will give you a further update on my lunch and how the day has progressed.


I am beat. I forgot to update you all on my lunch, so here is my updated.

…… that is how I feel. I still have been productive, still alive, but can barely move. Lol I had to make plans with a friend to workout with me in the morning because I am unsure if I could be tough enough to get up on my own, but I know he will give me the extra push.

I will be recording my morning cold shower (swim suit style if anyone was wondering) on how bad I am in the morning to the very uncomfortable cold shower.

Will off to work and will give you an update when I get home.


Well I’m home, and boy am I tired. Pretty sure if I drove my truck instead of my motorcycle I probably would have dozed off. Day two has definitely been harder then the first. My body hurts, my mind is numb, and just overall don’t feel great. Let’s see if tomorrow bumps of the energy levels. Goodnight all and see you bright and early.

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