Day three


Hello everyone! So day three is here. I woke up a little later today and did not take a cold shower. I feel like I did need a day of rest after hitting three days hard. I will not be going to the gym today do to my whole body feels like it’s been beaten up. This does not mean I am giving up, it means I am letting my body and mind rest for a bit.

I have been up for a couple of hours and can not wake up. So what I have decided is that without the push to wake up and hop in shower my body does not feel like it wants to “wake up”. I will keep everyone updated, thanks!


I did not even have enough motivation to write on my post. I have been walk-in around work like I’m a zombie and didn’t get much done. I am thinking it’s due to not just waking up when I was suppose to and skipping the shower/gym. Thank you all for reading this short post but that all I got. See you tomorrow.

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