Day four

Hello all and good morning. I was thinking, I need a new name for these post, not really wanting to put Day seventy three when I get there. So, if any of you could think of a new title, shoot them out to me I’d love to hear some suggestions. On a side note, I’ve decided I’m gonna do a five day on and two day off. On the five days I do this I will be waking up at 7:30, taking cold shower, and hitting the gym. On my two days off I will sleep in till 8:30 and take a regular shower. From doing those three cold showers and hard gym hits in a row, my body needed some recovery time.

With that being said, this is my second day off from the showers and workouts. So on my off days, I will just make this like a journal entry, where I will just talk about the day, share stuff I’ve done (if any of it is worth note taking), and just write.


It is my last break time and I’m just ready for this day to end. I am sore and tired, and a little surprising, I’m craving working out tomorrow. Not really craving the shower but I’m ready to hit my chest in the morning. Work has been pretty slow day, everyone is keeping to themselves and making it quite easy for me. Just little over an hour and I get to get home to my fiancé and three needy cats. Ha I will end this entry short cause not much to say.


Getting to bed late tonight, real late. That just means the morning is gonna be hard. I purchased a Vivitar action cam for my bike and I am gonna use it for the shower in the morning, which I’m completely dreading. I am going to be ending this now so I can get to sleep and do my nightly meditation. Maybe I will get into that sometime soon. Thanks for checking my post and staying updated!


2 thoughts on “Day four

  1. You could always name it the goal you have for the days at the gym and possibly close it with if you achieved the goal or not.

    As for the other two days, I think titling it with what the subject is about. Just write first and then find a name that suits what it’s about.

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