A failed day.

Hello all, it is right at 10 o’clock. First I woke up on time, rolled over, went back to bed. With me doing that I was not able to make it to the gym. I am going to still eat healthy, drink less coffee, and try to be productive.

So I was wanting to talk about astral projection or lucid dreaming today and let you know what I try to do each night. So every night I try to meditate, most night I do because if I skip a night of meditating I can not fall asleep. So I start with just laying there with thunderstorm sounds on and a fan blowing. I place my eye mask on, lay my arms next to me, and elevate my legs with two pillows.

Once I get everything in place, I slow my breath and count them.

Breath in – —- – breath out “One”

Breath in – —- – breath out “Two”

I do this all the way up to 100. Usually at 40-50 thoughts just start popping in your mind and it’s hard to control them. You can not just stop your thoughts from appearing. You need to just control them.

Best way I have accomplished this is to imagine that they are thought balloons. When they pop up in your mind, just picture popping them or pushing them from the side, but guess what, another one will show up. Just keep repeating and try getting back to focusing on the counting.

During this whole exercise, do not move. I’m talking about you feel a scratch, don’t scratch it. You need to roll over, don’t do it. Push through everything that comes your way.

I have fallen asleep so many times before I have hit 100 but few times I don’t. Once you hit 100 start counting backwards.

So once you get completely relax, no tense muscles, just focus on your breathes. You might start feeling a strange feeling coming from your chest, or slight vibrating or swinging motion, this is normal, just stay relaxed and keep your same breathe. These feeling may get very intense and hard to stay relaxed through, but if you do toughen through it, boom, you just hit sleep paralysis, congrats.

This stage may be scary, but remember, you do it every time you are asleep, your just not mentally there for it. Sounds may so distorted,might feel a presence, oh, and you won’t be able to move. Just keep calm and focus on your breathing and imagine that you are somewhere you want to be. It might take a few nights attempt but eventually you’ll get it and you will be able to astral project and control your dream.

That was a real quick and not much detail on it, but since I have no working out stories and shower topics, I thought I’d throw that out there.

Thanks for checking today and sorry I failed you guys today. I will keep updating through the afternoon.


So days not going to bad, doesn’t feel like I’m dying every time I bend over. I will be going to the gym after work with my fiancé to hit some chest and I’m stoked. Other update, you can not trust Missouri weather at all. There was no chance of rain today so I rode my bike, now we have a chance of rain for three hours, starting when I get off. It’s only a 10 mile drive but still not gonna be fun heading home.

On my food, haven’t been that healthy. I ate two egg rolls and couple handfuls of Cheese crackers. I’ve drink a lot of water though, which you know, puts me into the the restroom every five minutes.

Well that’s all the update I have at the moment, hit y’all up later!


Well drive home wasn’t to bad, little steady rain came through but nothing serious. I think finally got my action cam in a good angle to get good views of my trips.

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