Late post is still a post

Hello all! Sorry about not being on yesterday. My fiancé and I was doing yard work all day and by the time we were done, I was toooo exhausted to make a post. We were digging out a swimming pool to try getting it level. We have done two days of working and it still not perfect. We went from 13 inches unlevel to 2 inches. I don’t think we are gonna tear it down again to work on it. Lol

Today is a different day, no real hard work, just at my job (it feels easy). I have fell of my routine, but I am going to get back on it tomorrow. We are having a healthy dinner, 80% lean beef!

Starting Monday I will be working my second job. I have been hired to work with a high school for the 5th year and I am stoked! Well I am going to hop off for now, but I will be on later!

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