Future outlook


So I understand that I have not done my part of providing you an experience to show how one can be mentally strong, but I am going to be man enough to accept it and say, I’m sorry I failed so far. I have been making better judgements on what to eat and how I need to treat people. I have every intentions to go to the gym, but for some reason I can’t seem to get the will power to do it. I had plenty of time this morning to get up and go before I show up to work, but I overslept. I am unsure if it is because of the 10 hour yard work day in the blistering sun or the I stayed up way to late to get decent sleep.

Anyways onto my next topic and gloominess away ha.

Here are a couple of beautiful pictures I took when I arrive to one of my destinations.

Stormy weather
Other view of the storm brewing in

It was a nice drive, very slow though. The slightest bit of rain and everyone has to drive 30 in a 55. Which today didn’t bother me since I left early enough. There is nothing like riding down the highway with no worry or stress in the mornings.

That’s my bike, Ellie

I named her Ellie off of (gonna be lame) but the “Last of Us” game. It’s a wonderful bike, but took a lot of work to get going well.

Question time

So, few questions and I’d love to hear your feed back.

What do you want to see on these post? Would you like more videos posted on here? Show more of my music side or more of me just talking? I do have a Facebook page where you can reach out and ask question or give suggestions.


There is my Facebook page. Well guys, I need to hop off and get some stuff done, thanks for checking up.


Me driving to the rental to get a tiller, yes, that’s all sweat

I am going to be adding more photos of my day so you can get to see it in my eyes, well if I was wearing glasses eyes. https://youtu.be/1GLv4g1FdFQ

There is my very first video I did with adventures with walker, it’s short and sweet.

Funny photo that I had my fiancé take of me

Well, don’t have much of an update, been drinking water, had my second cup of coffee, which will be my last, and being really productive for the day. Check in soon!

Just real quick, I do have link to a song from a karaoke i performed some time ago, I hope y’all enjoy it. https://www.smule.com/p/867630362_2666675437


I am going to be ending today’s post. It was a long day and now gonna be a hard morning for me. I have set my table alarm for 8, far away from bed so I have to get up to shut it off. I got home from work at 2230 tonight and went straight to checking in pool and trying to fix my WordPress website. I have accomplished my WordPress page and I am very happy to have all you checking on it. I like the dark them for night reading but it just seemed way to gloomy.

With that being said, I am going to log off for the night so I can wake up early and be a better me. Thank you all for everything you do, goodnight and be a better you.

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