Saturday is my Tuesday


Good morning all, I was successful I rolled out of bed at 0805 and got myself to town. I currently am not working out, I am looking for a truck to trade mine in for. After I test drive a few cars I will be hitting to the gym if I have enough time to do so.

If I make it to the gym I am gonna do my first chest day of the week. I plan on doing two chest days, two medium chest workouts. I’m thinking one will be a high rep low weight workout and the second will be lifting heavy with low rep . May switch them around, but that is my plan. Tomorrow I am going to hit, bicep, tricep, and forearms.

I will also try working on my story I’m writing “the broken wall” it’s taking a lot of time and dedication to get that going, if you’d like to check what I have you can go up to the menu, and click on the story link, it is currently the only one on there.


So, fun story time. I arrived to planet fitness to get my chest workout in. After I start my fourth set of bench I realized that the area around me was covered in dirt. Didn’t think much of it, then I started to realized that it was getting more and more dirty as I was working out. Looked down, and guess what, my shoes were the culprit. There was a perfect trail from my locker all the way to the bench area. I tried cleaning my shoes but it was helping, so this guy cut his workout short and left. I tried to clean the area but I was just making it worse. Ha

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