6-10 bike ride

Well guys, I’ve been offline for a couple of days, been feeling stressed and haven’t really had the motivation to keep writing. Guess what though, I’m gonna power through and get writing again.

I took a ride this morning on my bike, who knew that in June it would be so cold riding a bike. I got in my bike at 0615 this morning, took off, and at 0616 I realized I should of brought a heavier coat.

I rode south-south east through Missouri driving to a job at a high school. I had to take a break, mostly from the cold, but got to enjoy some of the views. A lot of people question, why live in Missouri, well, the views are breath taking. I will post a few from my quick stop I did.

Black and white of Ellie
Side view of Ellie, bad shadow
Sun overlooking a cemetery
Tree arching over the horizon

So there you have it, few photos, all from the same spot just different sides of me. It’s just peaceful that far out. Well, I think that’s all I got at the moment, I will try to keep y’all updated if anything changes.

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