I’ve Been Thinking, So Should You

So lately, i’ve been having a bunch of work/life issues. All of it is small stuff, but some of them feel like I will never get over these obstacles. There so many things that make it seem impossible. Not making the money you want, being sick, can’t catch up with all the work you have, starting side projects at home, not seeing your close friends, not getting enough sleep, not having your dream job. Having just one maybe two of those don’t seem like major issues, but when you start adding those small issues and letting those issues drag you down, that is when you start feeling defeated.

Feeling like you are defeated does not mean that you are worthless or not good enough. It just means that YOU need to do something about it. That YOU have some room to improve. That YOU can change the outcomes.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a few things that you can’t control or even feel like you can’t control, but you can. A lot of people go online to find quick fixes on how to sleep better, how to lose weight, how to make money on the side so you don’t have to work full time. NONE of these have easy answers, if it is easy answers isn’t there more people doing it. If you want to sleep better, get a better sleep routine. If you want to lose weight, watch what you eat and put in the work at the gym. If you want to make more money, work for it.

No body likes those answers because it involves them putting in that work, they want it easy. Just remember, If YOU want to be better, YOU have to push yourself because no body else will. YOU can make yourself the person you want to be if you don’t let your self reflection dictate you limitations.

Do me and yourself a favor. Shut the TV off, turn your phones on silence, and focus your mind. Take the next ten minutes and ask yourself question. What do I want to do? What is my purpose? Why I am the way I am? What goals do I have?

What did you find out? Are you being honest with your answers or are you answering them like you would if someone else asked you. Could you even answer them? If you ask yourself those questions and you had no problem answering them you have either master the art of life or you are lying to yourself. I know that I am coming off “hard” right now, but I want to help open your eyes. Don’t let other people make your life decision when you can control your OWN life’s outcome.

If you wake up each morning with your first alarm and say to yourself, “I will be better, I will conquer each struggle, I will be myself.” and start your day, I promise you, it will get easier. Your mind is the strongest weapon against the struggles that you face. Each obstacle you surpass will make you stronger, wiser, and overall a better person. I am not saying you are a bad person, I am saying that you will become a better YOU.

I think everyone has a purpose. I think everyone is a good person. I think everyone can be better. Want to know why I think that? Because I have became a better person with each challenge. I have a purpose. I want you to see that just because everything feels like it’s all falling down, everything is out to get you, or the problems are just piling higher and higher, it just means that YOU have to grow so YOU can get over that wall of pain and challenges to conquer the better YOU.

I will end this and let you do some self reflection. I encourage you to take ten minutes every night to ask yourself the questions you don’t want to ask and think about your future. If you feel like you are stuck, email me, I am here and I would love to talk you through whatever you have and guide you to a solution. I won’t give you the answers because honestly sometimes there are no answer but I will lead you the right direction to help you BECOME A BETTER YOU.

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