Day three

0936 Hello everyone! So day three is here. I woke up a little later today and did not take a cold shower. I feel like I did need a day of rest after hitting three days hard. I will not be going to the gym today do to my whole body feels like it's been … Continue reading Day three

Official first day.

Well, day one started, 47 minutes later then I expected. I did not turn on the alarm before I fell asleep but I feel as though with the motivation going into this, I woke up without in at a decent time. The cold shower, the worse part of the day, most challenging, let's just say, … Continue reading Official first day.

Day one of a better me

Hello all, I will be trying to keep up with a new health style blog. I am starting a new adventure tomorrow. Maybe if you know me I have attempted multiple things in the past to get a blog, vlog, YouTube videos, health kicks, and many other attempts to get myself more productive. This one … Continue reading Day one of a better me