Future outlook

6-7 So I understand that I have not done my part of providing you an experience to show how one can be mentally strong, but I am going to be man enough to accept it and say, I’m sorry I failed so far. I have been making better judgements on what to eat and how … Continue reading Future outlook

Oh, it’s another day

Hey everyone, it’s shelden here, how is this wonderful Tuesday going for everyone? Mine is going great. Fiancé, a friend, and I went to go check a venue for our wedding, it was a nice place, but don’t think that’s the one we gonna take. We took down our pool so we can get it … Continue reading Oh, it’s another day

Day one of a better me

Hello all, I will be trying to keep up with a new health style blog. I am starting a new adventure tomorrow. Maybe if you know me I have attempted multiple things in the past to get a blog, vlog, YouTube videos, health kicks, and many other attempts to get myself more productive. This one … Continue reading Day one of a better me